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How to Make an Attractive Product Promotion

Have you ever when you want to save and don’t want to spend anything, suddenly a promotional ad appears on social media or a marketplace that makes you want to buy a product? Now this strategy, called promotion, makes people who see it become interested in buying whatever is offered. Moreover, nowadays it is very easy to shop online, just open the smartphone to checkout and pay, then the transaction is only done in a few minutes. Maybe many of you are selling but are still confused about determining the right promotion method. We have comprehensively summarized the interesting ways of how to make money online for beginners. But first, you have to look at why you have to do promotions.

Why Should You Promote?

Attract Buyers and Audience Surely there are people who are interested in buying your product, but not many. Now by doing promotions, your mission is to attract people who are not yet interested in your product. By doing promotions, it is possible that one person who sees your ad is not interested. But that one person spread your ad to 10 of his friends, it could be that 10 people are interested in your product.

Increase Brand Awareness Why do people today know Samsung is an electronics brand and Adidas is a sportswear brand? People can even remember their name, logo, and brand colors. That’s because consumer brand awareness of the two brands was already very high. Well of course you as a new brand owner, promotion is a way to increase brand awareness. At least so that people know what your brand name is and what you offer.

Interesting Promotion Tips and Ways

Give Discount Giving discounts or rebates can be the first choice, because people are definitely very interested in anything related to price. You can give discounts on holidays such as Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and so on. On holidays, many people decide to shop, so giving a discount will increase their interest in shopping.

Provide Warranty Providing a guarantee for a product will increase the sense of security for consumers, especially for products with high prices and prone to damage. For example, like electronic goods, although usually electronic brands already offer a warranty, you also provide a new personal exchange guarantee in a shorter period of time.

Use Ads on Facebook or Instagram You really need to consider using the ads feature, because almost everyone has a social media account like Facebook and Instagram. The ads feature can advertise your product to targeted people according to your criteria. You can target age range, gender, location, and so on. This feature can be very effective if you set the target market criteria correctly.